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Local Life

Just Outside Your Door

When you live at The Baxter an exciting neighborhood is right outside your door. Here are a few of the local businesses where you are sure to become a regular patron.




Group fitness facility that provides workouts divided into four 15-minute intervals, alternating between treadmill drills and strength training. Youll select your weights and set your speed on the treadmill, and your instructor will challenge you to work up to your next levelat a pace that works for you. We provide complimentary lockers and towel service, as well as fully equipped bathrooms with showers, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion, hair dryers, and other toiletries so you can freshen up. We offer childcare for kids ages 6 weeks to 13 years old, and our playroom is fully stocked with everything your little one will need to have fun and stay safe.


Goodfellas Pizzeria

Suite 102A

Goodfellas Pizza is a popular pizza chain from Lexington, KY known for its large, late-night slices. This Goodfellas is the only Louisville location offering a WiseGuy Lounge, a 1920s style speakeasy. One of the most intriguing eras in human history was the Roaring Twenties when changes were made including Prohibition and the birth of speakeasies. The owners of these hidden bars often acted as doormen, granting access only to those who knew the secret location and password. Although we don't require a password to enter, our Wiseguy Lounge does embody the energy and ambience of the 1920's with a modern twist. Not in plain sight, but when found, you will experience calm low lighting, dark reclaimed wood, rich leather sofas, elite bourbons, craft cocktails, and knowledgeable well-dressed bartenders that can create any cocktail to satisfy your cravings.


Caralis Pizza

Suite 102B


Stop by and enjoy the unique rotisserie chicken served at Carali's Rotisserie Chicken. You'll get fresh, hormone-free chicken that has never been frozen. The chicken is marinated in a blend of Peruvian spices and cooked in our charcoal rotisserie oven for a mouthwatering flavor. Charcoal is the best way to cook rotisserie chicken. Although gas or electric cooking methods may be easier, they're not always better. Cooking on a charcoal rotisserie gives the chicken a delectable and unforgettable taste. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. At our restaurant, we strive to provide you with the best rotisserie chicken in Kentucky You can also get delicious sides to enhance your meal.


Hi-Wire Brewing

Suite 106


Hi-Wire is a taproom located in Louisville, Kentucky headquartered in Ashville, North Carolina. At our core, we brew beer we want to drink on a regular basis, beer we can sit down and have multiple pints with friends. Our flagship and seasonal offerings are brewed to be balanced and approachable, how brewers have been striving to brew beers for thousands of years. Brewing beers with a connection to the past is important to us. We love to brew traditional styles that honor the heritage of our craft and pay respect to those who have crafted beer before us. Yet, as an American craft brewer, we are elated to participate in the culture of experimentation that has developed here. With the opening of the Big Top Production Brewery & Taproom, our South Slope Specialty Brewery has become an experimental hub for creating exciting barrel-aged sour and wild ales in addition to housing our pilot system for recipe development and fun small-batch creations.



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